the monster

it came to me last night

feathered and clawed

spreading its mangled wings across the night sky

like broken tree branches after a storm

it watched

simply gazing in silence

like some ancient god

or eldritch angel

from heavens full of fog

when i could stand the silence no more

i demanded it speak

and it growled

it’s dark lips curled back

and fangs spilled out

curved and jagged

like glass from a shattered windshield

it stood upon its hind legs

raking it’s claws against the night sky

uttering a melancholic howl

caught somewhere between a guttural scream and a lullaby

then the air left my lungs

and in a gasp

i begged it to leave

back to heaven

back to hell

wherever beasts like it belonged

then it dove

it’s claws crumpled like bed sheets against my flesh

unable to break the skin

scraping like a pair of scissors

with a blade composed only of construction paper

it cried out in frustration

bearing it’s weight down upon me

pressing me into the wet earth

sinking us both into darkness

so i screamed leave me

i begged it to stop

i pleaded it to just let me die

then it looked down upon me

with its luminescent eyes

like crescent moons submerged in lake water

starlight trapped beneath muck and mire

and it cried

tears spilled down

dripping into my lips

choking me upon sweet drops of burning liquid

spilling down my throat

like sugar water set aflame

it’s limbs wrapped around me

cradling me

calling a familiar name from its monstrous lips

mourning beneath the moonlight

and so i drifted to sleep

wondering if it would still be there when I awoke

wondering if it would ever leave

wondering why grief has claws that can’t cut

wondering why the only wish it grants

is to stay

just a guy writing some sad poetry